Carbon that drives back Climate Change

Together we sequester carbon and produce renewable gas from biomass 


We process agricultural, pruning and forest management biomass to mitigate and adapt to Climate Change.

Decarbonizing our planet is an essential part of the green transition. Rebalancing the carbon cycle and overhauling our dependence on fossil fuels is essential. 

TerraWatt is developing a process based on the combination of two innovative technologies to produce biogas and sequester carbon in biochar and soil.


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Soil regeneration

 Biochar is used as a soil amendment: it increases the organic matter content, its water-holding capacity, and improves its long-term fertility and resilience. 

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 Renewable gas production

 The quality of the biogas produced is similar to that of biogas from methanization: it can be cleaned for injection into networks or bioCNG/LNG for transport, or as fuel for cogeneration engines.

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 Balancing the Carbon Cycle

 Biochar production enables long-term carbon sequestration. At the same time, renewable gas replaces natural gas: there are no fossil carbon emissions.


Our technology is based on a combination of pyrolysis and biological methanation

After a thermochemical treatment, the non-fermentable biomass is converted into syngas and biochar. The syngas is then transformed, under the action of methanogenic bacteria, into biogas, similar to biogas produced in the anaerobic digestion of fermentable waste. The combination of these processes allows us to produce biochar and biogas from green waste, wood or compost residues.

Biological methanation Soil improver Carbon capture   Pyrolysis Biochar Biomass Use of renewable gas Biomethane
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From 1 ton of biomass, our process produces approximately :

 960 kg

of CO2 eq sequestered
through the production of biochar

  4 t 

of CO2 eq stored
in regenerated soils

 735 kg 

 CO2 eq avoided
thanks to biomethane production


The imbalance in the carbon cycle is responsible for climate change. 

Mitigating climate change requires a transition to renewable energy sources. Adapting to climate change necessitates carbon-rich soils resilient to extreme climate events.

TerraWatt is part of the way forward with a robust and sustainable solution based on carbon sequestration and energy valorization.


When we produce biochar, we capture the carbon contained in the plants in a long-term, stable way


Our biochar-based soil amendment improves soil life. Healthy, fertile soil stores two to three times more carbon


Our renewable gas replaces conventional fossil fuels. In this way, we avoid carbon emissions into the atmosphere

Let's develop your project together
Let's develop your project together
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