Production of a biofertilizer from green waste to regenerate agricultural soils


This project consists of regenerating poor soils that have been abandoned for agricultural use using a bio-based soil improver

fenix project

The product is a mixture of biochar and digestate developed to improve soils. This powerful soil amendment will be studied on different soil types in Europe to assess its potential for agricultural land regeneration.


Combination of digestate and biochar for greater agronomic efficiency

Biochar from pyrolysis and digestate from methanization are mixed in different proportions to obtain a series of products, and the most effective and sustainable is defined. This soil amendment improves soil quality and carbon sequestration.

Biological methanation Pyrolysis Use of renewable gas Biomethane Biomass
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A new life for bio-waste
as a sustainable soil amendment


The FENIX project will demonstrate the agronomic benefits of a soil amendment based on digestate and biochar in the regeneration of poor soils. With this project we contribute to the mitigation of climate change and sustainable waste management

Increasing the water-holding capacity of soils

Applying biochar to the soil keeps the water in it, making it more fertile

Improved soil aeration

The porous structure of biochar increases soil aeration, favoring the development of plant roots

Nutrient retention in the soil

The porosity of biochar makes it possible to fix nutrients and make them available to plants

Enrichment of microbial life

The carbon composition of the biochar will stimulate microbial activity and indirectly increase soil pH

Project funded by the European Union

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This project is funded by the European Union’s HORIZON program under grant agreement No. 101113002. The views and opinions expressed are, however, those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Commission. Neither the European Union nor the authority granting the subsidy can be held responsible for them.


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